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Others: Mac OS X 10.4.11 or later
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Merlin 2.9 25/09/12 Trial version English
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Project management with a bit of magic

Softonic Editorial Team

Recent changes

  • Some mpp files could not be opened by Merlin.
  • MS Project could not open from Merlin generated XML files containing % in duration fields or some special character in a task’s title.

Merlin is a project management application for Mac loaded with features. With only three mouse-clicks, you can create a new project from a template, which can be edited intuitively in four different views. The contents and appearance of your view can be freely altered, allowing you to retain a constant overview of your project - even during the planning and implementation of comprehensive projects.

Safeguard supplementary information within your project using Merlin 2’s Elements. Assign these Elements to your projects, phases, procedures and resources. Elements contain, for example, deadlines, risks, checklists, problems and documents for the project records.

Agile project management now has drag and drop functionality. Simply take new iterations and phases from the library and drop them into the project. With many documents included, the Merlin 2 library ultimately brings the search for the right presentation of your project documentation to an end. Merlin 2 also easily accepts your own design/presentation.

Gone are the days when your resources were nothing more than "attachments" in project management programs. In Merlin 2 you manage your team simply and completely. Take addresses from the Mac OS X Addressbook or MS Entourage in the Merlin program window or input new coworkers directly. If you do not yet know exactly who shall complete a task, that's no problem for Merlin 2.

Merlin integrates perfectly with other programs
No matter what the source of your data is - MS Project, Excel, OmniOutliner, NovaMind or others, Merlin imports them completely. However this is not just a one-way street. Merlin exports projects with equal ease. For a continuously updated calendar view of your project, you can use Apple's iCal.

Every view has its own search field. Enter a key word and instantly the views are reduced to the essentials. Recurring searches are also no problem with Merlin 2. Define a complex search with a few mouse clicks and use this search for all your projects. Furthermore, Merlin Projects can be found in the Finder with the help of Spotlight.

The graphic project plan is an important result - whether printed on paper or in a PDF. With Merlin's interactive print preview you can easily design the output. Convince and satisfy your project team using meaningful reports, developed and adjusted with only a few mouse clicks using the Merlin 2 Reports’ function.

Besides project planning no other topic is as all-encompassing as project documentation. For this task Merlin 2 ensures that you are perfectly equipped. Merlin knows when you edit a document in another application and gives you the option to create a new version. Thus you always retain an overview of all changes.

"Merlin is the state of the Art Mac project management software "

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  • usability9
  • Stability10
  • Installation9
  • Functionality10
  • Appearance9

Earlier this year, I took a risk and tried Merlin on a large project. Awesome tool. The ease of use and transparency it provides into the project were a fantastic and I finally felt I had a tool to support me.

  • Merlin is a fantastic Mac project management software competitor. The application has startling collaboration and integration possibilities, without distracting from the simple goal of facilitating better project management.

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28 Sep 2012

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